SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer

  • SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer
  • SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer
  • SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer
  • SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer
  • Guitar Enhancer SERVO-Taurus Amplifixation bass and guitar amplification

SERVO - Analog Guitar Enhancer

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Technical Details

Main info

  • Analog guitar enchancer,
  • Power Supply voltage range - 9-15V,
  • Polarity Auto Detection - allows using either centre-positive or negative plarity on power supply,
  • True Bypass - in OFF mode your instrument's original signal goes through, bypasses all electronics components,
  • DC assistant protection against signal loss. If connected or the voltage is lower than 6V the effect is automatically switched to the "bypass" mode,
  • Power consumption: 40 mA (max),

Control Info

  • Servo Gain - knob adjustment,
  • BOOST switch - increases output signal level and makes sound slightly "crunchy",
  • Footswitch - ON/OFF switch, that uses "True Bypass" technology,


  • Height - 50mm (1.97 in),
  • Width - 66mm (2.60 in),
  • Depth - 110mm (4.33 in),
  • Weight - 0,2kg (0.44 lbs),

Perfect control over the sound

Taurus SERVO-ENHANCER is a professional tool to help you achieve great guitar sound. The device makes the sound very vivid and saturated while it does not interfere with the original guitar sound.The feeling is that you are playing on much higher quality instrument then it originally is.

Make it sound better

The servo enriches the sound of instrument, adding the qualities which make playing enjoyable and even more importantly, more insiring. Additionally, it makes the guitar very well set in the overall band mix.

No matter what kind of guitar, amplifier, effect loop or speaker You have, servo will always fit perfectly between them, improving sound of the whole signal.

Servo was tested on guitars from top tier brands like: Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone, Yamaha, ESP and many other, even custom hand-made Drużkowski’s Guitars!

Easy in use

The SERVO is designed to work with any type of traditional and digital profiling amplifier and preamp. It also performs very well while recording guitar directly to the computer. The unit is extremely easy to use - it is recommended to connect it directly to the guitar as a first component of the entire effects chain.
We encourage you to try out our cube ! Hopefully it will become the main tool in the arsenal of your effects, creating your own original guitar sound.


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Taurus SERVO - Part 1

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Taurus Servo - Analog Guitar Enhancer

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Ruggero Robin

"This little servo pedal gives you character and pronunciation, to every note you perform ... very interesting !!

Kuba Kawalec

"Servo is my best buddy, who knows the tone and on whom I can always rely. He will not cheat, he will not fail, he will always be helpful."

Sebastian Piekarek

"Since I hooked up the Servo to my guitar, I’ve left it that way ever since.
It revitalizes, enriches sound, perfectly complements my Helix or Fractal.
Great for studio work. I recommend it".

Piotr Konca

“The Servo set with the Fractal or the Helix does a really great job.
It adds a lot of richness, which I have missed so far".

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Boost

Great product. Tone ist awesome. Super fast delivery


SERVO Analog Guitar Enhancer


I’ve just bought your Servo-pedal and I absolutely love it. It’s hard to explain to my friends what the pedal actually does. A type of compression, but there’s just that little extra that’s so hard to explain. Everyone agreed that it’s amazing. I’ve trues it on el-guitar, ac-guitar and bass. Works wonders on every single one. Amazing work people at Taurus. I’ll be keeping an eye on your products from now on.

And you should probably now that I saw the Servo via an ad on Facebook the first time


Le da un cuerpo al sonido de la guitarra que hace que el sustain, aún en los trastes altos, sea largo. Chapeau!!!

First stage multipurpose

One knob operation, quick set with any guitar/instrument, it helps with dynamics and it is very musical, especially if like me, you are playing at low output volume. Sits on my board and is always on, even in front of fuzz. I regret only that the boost isn't on footswitch for live use.