Apostolis Anthimos ('Lakis' as he is called by friends) was born in 1954 in Siemianowice Slaskie to a family of Greek immigrants. He is most significantly known as guitaristof the Polish rock supergroup SBB. He has also been involved in co-operation with Czeslaw Niemen, Tomasz Stanko, George Dalaras, Vangelis Katsoulis, and also a number of bands, including Krzak and Dzem. Anthimos is a musician of exquisite subtlety, playing both the guitar and percussion instruments. Since 1971 he has continually appeared with Jozef Skrzek in the consecutive SBB incarnations. Starting with the eighties, he has split his time between Poland and Greece, where he became a highly regarded session musician. Back in Poland, he worked with Tomasz Stanko as a drummer and guitarist. During the nineties he has run his own trio, Trias. The new millennium saw the emergence of Apostolis Anthimos Trio. The line-up featured Lakis and two young Polish musicians: the bassist Robert Szewczuga and the drummer Krzysztof Dziedzic. Apostolis Anthimos has participated in the recording of over fifty albums, including thee of his own: Days We Can't Forget (1994, backed by Gil Goldstein, Jim Beard, Matthew Garrison & Paul Wertico), Theatro (1999) and the latest release called Back to the North (2006, backed by Paul Wertico and Marcin Pospieszalski).

Anthimos Apostolis uses Taurus Silver Line effect pedal TUX.

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