Karsten is a professional musician, author, clinician and bassteacher. He graduated with the best diploma from the B.I.T. In Los Angeles in 1990. He is working since then as a bass player for a wide variety of artists. He played with the New Yorker „Broadway Musical Company“ and is playing almost 100 shows a year with the successfull „Musical Night“ production. He also worked on the MS Europa cruiseship during the last fifteen years, and played in several fusion bands with the likes of (drummers) Dirk Erchinger (Jazzkantine) and Marco Minnemann (Nena, solo artist). In collaboration with the wellknown guitar virtuoso Joachim Schuette he recorded three CDs with their band „L.A. SUX“. All of them got praises from critics worldwide. He also worked as a studio musician for some of the best german christian artists like Martin Pepper and Hanjo Gaebler (who worked for Alicia Keys). Karsten is playing electric 4-/5-/ and 6-string basses, fretless, and upright bass. Besides his reviews for the german „Bass Professor“ magazine he is also author of „Hip Bass“ - a book about the famous bassplayer Hellmut Hattler.

 Karsten Fernau uses Taurus BL-450 amp with TN 112 cabs

The sound is always tight and cleared up. You get the impression of a much bigger setup

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