Matías is a renown sesionist player for important chilean artists and distinguish guitar teacher. In his career have win and finalist of several national guitar contests. Currently his playing with ‘’Ives Gullé Húsar’’ (1st Chilean Historical Rock Opera) "Oscar Olavarría and other personal projects (‘’Revancha’’ and ‘”Matías Baeza solo project” Matías, is part of the new generation of chilean guitar players, making a prominent name, in the circuit.

‘The first time I tried a Taurus 4-HG I was impressed by the quality and clarity of the sound, I can finally have a transportable and comfortable head without losing the strength of the tubes. Furthermore Zebu (delay & reverb) and Vechoor (multi - chorus ) gives me the versatility I need as a sessionist, in order to have the best performance, in several styles”.

“La primera vez que probé el Taurus Stomp-Head 4-HG quede impresionado por la calidad y claridad del sonido. Ahora puedo finalmente tener un cabezal cómodo y transportable sin perder la fuerza de los tubos. Además mi Zebu y Vechoor me dan la versatilidad que necesito como cesionista para así obtener el mejor desempeño en diversos estilos musicales”

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