Savvas Mistiliadis...Born in Greece 4-8-1983

After getting into the extreme metal music from a young age, formed with John Kalouptsis the thrash metal band DRUNKARD with 3 full length albums so far (hellish metal dominate, like sin explode, inhale the inferno) and plenty of live shows. The last 3 years since I moved in Germany I became also member of a new born street punk rock'n'roll band named WHO KILLED JANIS with many future plans soon to be revealed..

Throughout those years I was always interested in searching and experimenting with my bass sound..I always wanted it fat and aggressive. With my new weapon from TAURUS T-450 head I am totally excited and satisfied...Very light and easy to carry around but with a great fat heavy sound like a kick in your teeth.Truely awesome.


WEB WHO KILLED JANIS: (under contruction)


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