TUX - Opto Compressor

  • TUX - Opto Compressor
  • TUX - Opto Compressor
  • TUX - Opto Compressor
  • TUX - Opto Compressor
  • TUX - Opto Compressor
  • TUX - Opto Compressor

TUX - Opto Compressor

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Technical Details

Main info

  • Analog guitar compressor with optical system,
  • Power Supply voltage range - 9-12V,
  • Polarity Auto Detection - allows using either centre-positive or negative plarity on power supply,
  • True Bypass - in OFF mode your instrument's original signal goes through, bypasses all electronics components,
  • DC assistant protection against signal loss. If connected or the voltage is lower than 6V the effect is automatically switched to the "bypass" mode,
  • DC Converter - Built-in voltage converter which increases voltage of effect's power supply to 24V. It guarantees very high sound's dynamic (headroom) and eliminates any problems related to active electronics installed in the guitar.
  • Power consumption: 40 mA (max),

Control Info

  • LEVEL - overall effect volume,
  • Character Switch - change between SOLID and TUBE effect,
  • Compress (COMP) - bandwidth range of compressed sound adjustment, the sound can be compressed in the whole band, or only to a limited bandwidth (band-threshold)
  • Punch - attack’s dynamics adjustment. Soft -fast attack / Sharp - slow attack


  • Height - 55mm (2.17 in),
  • Width - 96mm (3.78 in),
  • Depth - 144mm (5.67 in),
  • Weight - 0,2kg (0.44 lbs),

Meet the Tux

The TUX compressor is specially engineered for dynamic sound modification. It uses a passive, sound transparent optical system designed not to alter the original sound and making it virtually noiseless.

Improve your sound in simplest way

Tux operates in two different switch selectable modes:

SOLID - clean, pure sound, very dynamic with a distinctive punch
TUBE - compression characteristic for tube design. This option gives a harder compression and warmer sound.

The Tux Compressor is a pedal which you will really enjoy for it's excellent response, great dynamics and accuracy of sound. We have designed and built in, as standard, the internal voltage converter, which increases voltage of the power supply up to 24V eliminating any problems especially when working with active electronics installed in the guitar.

The 24V power conversion within the Tux pedal provides extra headroom offering even greater sound dynamic's and incomparable performance over traditional effects pedals powered by 9V. Tux uses standard power supplies ranging from 9 up to 12V.


Wojtek Pilichowski - soundcheck (part-1 SLAP)

Wojtek Pilichowski - soundcheck (part-2 FINGERS)


TUX manual

TUX panel

Sample - Guitar 1

Sample - Guitar 2

Sample - Bass 1

Sample - Bass 2

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