Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt

  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt
  • Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt

Tube Amp Stomp-Head 1 VT 40Watt

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Powerfull weapon in smallest form

Until today, guitarists could only choose between two forms of amplifiers: heads and combos. Now, we are introducing a completely new breed: The Stomp-Head.

The Stomp-Head 1.Vintage is dedicated to supporters of single-purpose amplifiers and prefer a vintage like type of sound.
It is a pure analog design with unprecedented light weight and small size. The amplifier can be placed either on a stage floor just beside the effects, in a traditional way on the top of the speaker cabinet or set up on an pedalboard.
Wherever you go, keep your sound on you!

Stomp-Head 1.Vintage (1 footswitch)

  • Technology Master Tube Design
  • Power output: 40W RMS with a power brake to 20W
  • Power Stage Efficiency: 90Watt
  • 1 channel
  • 1 foot-switch (BOOST)
  • Effect loop
  • LINE OUTPUT with speaker simulation

Make it sound better

The Stomp-Head 1.VT features a classic, three point EQ ( BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE), PRESENCE, GAIN,BOOST and VOLUME. The amplifier is characterized by very smooth, warm sound with soft compression and long sustain.

The Stomp-Head can also be used as a guitar preamp. LINE OUT with a Speaker Cabinet Simulation permits the player to connect independently the preamps to a mixer or an external power amp. The Speaker Cabinet Simulation imitates the sound of the CELESTION Vintage 30 cabinet. The amp is also equipped with a serial EFFECT LOOP.

Master Tube Design inside

The amp is based on a MTD (Master Tube Design) technology. It is our own groundbreaking technology which permits us to create powerful guitar amplifiers in very compact shapes. This technology uses all the significant features of tubes which determine the warm, classic sound of guitar amps. We offer players an amplifier with extremely light weight, very compact dimensions and powerful sound. The sound characteristics and power of the amplifiers based on our MTD technology are equal to the classic tube amps with the same power rating.

To abtain required parameters, the amplifier is driven by a much higher rated power amp. Even though the power of the amplifier is set at 40Watts RMS, in reality the real power of the amp is 90 Watts.

The SH 1.VT is also equipped with a power selector allowing the player to use the amp in two different power ratings of 40 and 20 Watts RMS. It is also designed to auto adjust itself to different speaker impedance. The amp handles the speakers with 4, 8, and 16 Ohm of impedance.

Technical Details

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Power output

40 Watt - 4/8/16 ohm

Power brake

to 20 Watt

Power stage effiency

90 Watt

Auto Detection Speakers impedance




Number of channels


Number of footswitches


7 channel controls





with speaker simulation - The ability to send the linear signal with or without simulation or both at the same time

Universal AC input range

90-260V/AC, 50-60Hz


90 mm


160 mm


190 mm


1,3 kg


Stomp-Head 1.VT guitar amp. (Part-1 INTRO)

Stomp Head 1.VT guitar amp. (Part-2 playthrough)

Taurus Vintage Stomp Head 1.VT Guitar Amplifier

Customer Reviews

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Produkt nie spełnił moich oczekiwań. Głównie chodzi o brzmienie i wygląd ( chociaż to nie jest, aż tak najważniejsze. Na + na pewno wymiary i waga. Dlatego celuje w modele Taurusa z wyższej półki tylko trzeba odłożyć większe pieniądze ;) Pozdrawiam

Great compact amp for blues rock/classic rock stuff !!!

If you love blues and old school rock'n'roll, crunchy guitar sounds this little compact amp is perfect for you !!!Lately, I had a pleasure to try this amp and it really recreates the sound of 70's big stacks with nice modern twist !!! If you are touring musician and can't afford to bring your own full stack around the globe this is perfect solution !!! From great clean tones to raspy gain it has enough power to cut ,equipped with boost , loop ,mid range and power break. It can also recognize speaker resistance making it perfect tool for any live or studio situation. Works great with pedals too !!!